“Kamen Rider Chronicle is the newest game from Genm Corporation utilising the Gashat technology they are most famous for, with a unique system that blends real life and the game world together anyone can become a hero! Players take on the role of “Ride Players” and must battle a variety of Bugsters and the minions they control to rise up the ranks, once all Bugsters are defeated and their gashatrophies are claimed players can challenge the final boss for a chance at being the #1 Chronicle player." – Game Ad


You will be taking on the role of ordinary citizens thrown into the chaos of this new game whether it be voluntary or not, create a character that seems fun to you! A game obsessed otaku or a game journalist only playing to write a scathing review, anything goes. You don’t even have to start the game with Chronicle purchased either. Just make sure your character has a binding reason to participate in Kamen Rider Chornicle.

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